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  • Satellite TV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

    Media Solutions
    All your media in one place and on your TV, NO PC required, with NO monthly fees as it free. This is a no brainer, just plug and play in HD

  • Satellite TV in Thailand by JSAT.TVNO PC REQUIRED
    You do not need to spend hours working out how to put a PC on your TV. Just use the JSAT MX2 which just does it all and no PC Required.
  • Satellite TV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

    If you have an internet connection, on your phone,wifi,adsl anywhere in the world you can use the JSAT MX to watch TV. Works well on 3/4G

We are XBMC Hardware providers »

Satellite TV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

IPTV from all around the world

You get free IPTV with our MX2+ media centers that are powered by XBMC - so that means you have live TV from around the world including the UK, USA, Canada, Germany,France, Russia, Thailand, China, Australia, and so many more countries. Read more here

We are all OS XBMC enablers »

Satellite TV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

Update your MAC, Windows or Linux box

We provide an update service for your Mac, for your Windows box or for your Linux box to the XBMC media center solution. Simply drop your box off in the morning and collect it the following day, the average cost is THB 2,400 for this service. Read more here

Sports Bar, hotel,guesthouse solutions »

Satellite TV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

Do you need a headend IPTV solution?

We can provide a very simple to use and cheap IPTV solution for your sports bar, guesthouse,hotel or the large home with a complete stand alone solution for not much more than a standard SMATV solution. Call us to discuss or come talk to us today in person More

your own media solution»

Satellite TV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

Do you need a high end media solution?

Introducing the Network Disk Station with onboard media servers to push and pull all you content for your property to any JSAT MX2, Apple "i" device, PC, Linux devices you may have on your network. Ideal for large homes, pubs, clubs, condos, hotels, SME's, cloud onboard. More


Satellite TV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

No need for proxies

Live UK TV from all the 25 terestrial channels like BBC1,2,3,4 ITV 1,2,3,4 4, 5, Dave and so much more live on your MX2 box Read More


Satellite TV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

US Local and Sports

Every MX box comes with XBMC the free media center that also has many of the US local TV channel free to watch, all the college sports as a bonus Read more here


Satellite TV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

Indian Tv live with our media centers

We provide a sample Indian IP TV playlists for you to add to, seems there is so much content from the North to the south of India. See live cricket, movies, series and so much more Read More

Dutch TV»

Satellite TV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

BVN and so much more without a satellite dish

The JSAT MX and C Boxes provide a complete media center with free TV from Holland like BVN, RTV, L1 and many many more with no monthly fees
Read more here

simple set up of the JSAT MX simple set up of the MX2 on any TV HD or old CRT is so simple as 3 steps to watch live and free IPTV

  • Satellite TV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

    The Coco box is an entry level media center so therefore far cheaper than the full blown system like the MX2 box.
    Only THB 5,000

  • Satellite TV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

    Full HD 1080p streaming of movies, IPTV, music, pictures on this full blown media center with free IPTV from around the world . Only THB 8,000

  • Satellite TV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

    All media centers come with free IPTV including over 77,00 movies, 50,000 radio stations and over 1,000 TV stations live in all system we install.

Introducing the newest mediacenter we have just added to our family of XBMC media centers called the Cocobox a new entry level box, with HDMI, Wifi, and only 1/2 the apps and processor power of its big brother the MX2 box.

JSAT IPTV for free in Thailand

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